About Us

Welcome to our School Family! that's what we are. Foundations Progressive Learning Center is a small, intimate early childhood environment that defies the conventional, institutional trend of preschools and childcare centers.

We're a family, and our environment is like a home. Our children and "play-workers" (teachers) have equal reign over the space and are trusted as competent individuals.  #LetKidsBeKids is our motto, and we live by it. At Foundations, children do what science says children are supposed to: play. The learning that happens along the way is a nice plus. See below to learn more about our program!

About Foundations

Foundations Progressive Learning Center is a modern, forward-thinking, play-based learning environment for children, where students engage in naturalcreative, and active learning. Our students learn with a balance of working one-on-one with teachers, cooperatively in small groups, and independently with practical life skills. 

While we do prepare children for kindergarten, our curriculum is focused on exploring life-long skills. We incorporate self-help and independence skills, such as buttoning and zipping clothing, tying shoes, pouring and serving our own beverages and food, picking up after ourselves, conflict resolution, socialization, and learning healthy emotional management

Foundations' teachers operate on the knowledge that children need to find and identify interest through uninhibited, free, and dynamic play in order to build strong connections with the world around them. When we find these interests, we build our curriculum on them to teach children not only what they need to know, but also how to love learning and follow where their interests lead them.

Our center is developed by childcare and parenting specialists to lead by example that it is possible to provide an honestethical, and functional play-based childcare center for our community that works to do right by the children they teach, the parents they serve, and the teachers they employ. 

Is Foundations the right place for my child?

At Foundations Progressive Learning Center, we make it our focus to do right by the families we serve by investing hard work into each child's physicalsocialacademic, and emotional development. As part of a school family, each child is treated with equal rightsdignityrespect, and honor. We give acknowledgements to the many successes our students achieve, and also teach accountability and honesty for any struggles along the way. 

Play-based programs have proven effective in diverse cultures throughout the world and in all socioeconomic circumstances imaginable. The results are clear after a child's first week in a free environment.

What if my child is facing behavioral challenges?

We know that children going through behavioral rough patches are often ignored by, poorly treated by, and even dismissed from other childcare and preschool programs on the basis of behavior alone. We do not think this approach is acceptable, because we understand by entering this field that it is our responsibility to handle all of the realities of child development; not just the ones that are easy to deal with. Our highly trained teachers practice Conscious Discipline with the children, because we understand that every child's future is affected primarily by the way they're treated and guided as children, and we take that very seriously.

What if my child has special needs?

We consider our facility to be safe haven for all children, even those who require special attention with their education and development. We understand how hard it is to find trustworthy childcare, especially in those special circumstances. Our staff are trained to connect with all kinds of children. Additionally, our facility is open and easy to navigate for children who have physical disabilities.